Updated: May 6, 2020

I had a nursing degree and only one year of nursing experience.

I felt like I wasn’t qualified enough to start a business.

I felt like I did not have enough experience as a nurse to start a business.

But I knew I NEEDED to start.

I knew I needed to take ACTION.

I knew I had to let go of fear and trust the journey.

So I did.

My vision has manifested into me becoming an entrepreneur and creating a brand for nurses around the world.


Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy.

But I knew I needed to create a space for nurses to share their stories.

Inspired by my own experience needing a community to lean on and share my most vulnerable realities as a nurse.

After months of reflecting on my own painful experiences and navigating the reasons I quit my nursing job, I woke up one day and this vision came to me.

This was in September 2019. Before this major pandemic occurred.

I immediately filed for it to become a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with no mission, no products, no services.

Just a VISION that startled my spirit.

Quitting my nursing job at the #1 hospital in the world not only taught me self love, brought me closer to myself, but it also gave me a vision for nurses.

That vision was NURSES ARE HUMAN TOO, LLC.

Nurses Are Human Too was created to build a community that empowers nurses to share vulnerable and honest experiences in their nursing careers to inspire emotional wellness.

Our promise is to bring emotional reassurance and comfort to nurses around the world.

I had no idea what I wanted this brand to represent. I just knew I wanted it to be centered around emotional health.

Something that I struggled with as a nurse and something that had impacted my life far before nursing.

I created this brand after a long year of struggles I experienced as a new graduate nurse.

I often felt like I didn't have anyone who understood what I was experiencing.

I often times felt like I was alone in my feelings and emotions.

I often felt like I was crazy for feeling the way I did toward certain situations.

I often felt like I did not know how to be resilient as a nurse.

I wanted a community that I could be myself in.

A community that would accept me for who I was.

A community that would not judge me for my feelings, but instead embraced them and helped me grow as a person and nurse.

So I created the space that I needed.

To inspire emotional wellness within nursing.


This space is for you.

A space for you to be courageous enough to share your story to the world.

A space for you to share your experiences being a nurse.

A space to be vulnerable, uncut, raw and authentically yourself.

A space to express your feelings and emotions.

A space to help you build emotional wellness in your career and life.

A space for you to be your own hero.

A space for you to have resources to go to.

A space for you to come for emotional reassurance and comfort.

A community that will build each other up through story telling and personal experiences.

Because you know what, it needs to be talked about.

Your experiences matter.

Your voice matters.

Your daily struggles as a nurse matter.

Your mental health matters.

Your emotional health matters.

And most importantly, YOU matter.

You deserve more than a fucking “thank you” and cupcakes for Nurses Week.

At first I would constantly doubt myself because I felt like I did not have enough experience as a nurse to create a brand.

I felt like I needed to get back into nursing first before I could give this vision to the world.

I felt like I needed more time to figure everything out before I started my business.

But the truth is, it will never be the RIGHT time nor will you always feel 100% ready.

But you know what, you have to do it anyway!

If you are given a vision, you have to act on it.

Someone needs your message.

Someone needs your story.

Someone is waiting for you to come along and give them hope, inspiration and motivation.

Someone is waiting to know they are not alone in their experiences.

I am not perfect.

I am an imperfect lifesaver, just like you.

My goal is to share my story so that you can be inspired and brave enough to share yours too.

With love,

The Nurse Empath.

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